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Smile like you mean it

Hallo zusammen, die erste Mail Art Post ist schon eingetroffen zum Thema “Make me smile”. Vielen lieben Dank an “Psyche out Fanzine c/o Silvano Pertone aus Genova”. Silvano hat auch ein eigenes Mail Art Projekt. Der Flyer klärt Euch über die Details auf – also kreieren und verschicken :)

Hello! Thanks to Silvano, who was the first to send me mail art according to the Mail Art Call “make me smile”. Thanks very much. Silvia has as well a own project. See the flyer below and send him your mail art!

Mail Art Call: Make me Smile

Mail Art Call: Make me Smile


Und hier der Flyer zu Silvanos Mail Art Call! Here the promotion flyer for Silvanos Mail Art Call:

Mail Art Call Italy

Mail Art Call: Proud of Genoa .. and now?

Dear Andrea Jay, thank you a lot for your wonderful postcard, which made me smile :)
I love receiving mail from overseas, especially NY, as this is one of my favourite places in the world.

Mail Art New York

Mail art referring to my call: Make me smile

And you are all right, Everyone smiles in the same language!

Mail Art from USA

Mail Art Call: Make me smile

Another great mail art piece from Ireland. Thanks to John Jennings!

Mail Art Call: Good Mood

Mail Art from Ireland

Vielen Dank auch an Michael Wagner aus Heidelberg!

Mail Art Call: Good Mood

Mail Art Call: Good Mood

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